Retailers – Discover The Green Sleeve. A Unique, Low-Cost, High-Margin Golf Gift Your Customers Will Love.

If you run a pro shop or sports boutique or have customers who love the game of golf, the Green Sleeve is an ideal product to help you add more cash to your bottom line.

The Green Sleeve is a unique knitted sleeve with an inner core of microfiber that makes it easy to keep your ball and irons squeaky clean, just like the pros. Professional golfers know that even a speck of dirt can change your ball’s trajectory, so they make sure to clean their equipment before putting.

The pocket-sized Green Sleeve lets you do just that, quickly and conveniently, without having to leave the green to get your golf towel.

Golfers Love The Green Sleeve, and it’s The Perfect Product for Pro Shops and Sporting Boutiques

Ideal for point of purchase display

Their unique, eye-catching designs get customers’ attention.

A great extra

Priced just right for an add-on purchase at the register or online shopping cart.

A unique gift

Or stocking stuffer for any golf enthusiast.


Low-cost, high-margin, and easy to sell!

Bricks and Mortar Store?

You Choose the Styles You Want to Stock

If you have a physical retail store, we make it easy for you to sell The Green Sleeve. There’s no “standard pack” — so you can choose exactly which style sleeves you want to sell. Choose from 15 different designs. We’ll provide you with a free POS display with the purchase of just 21 sleeves.

Online Retailer?

Let Us Fulfill Your Orders Worldwide

If you are selling online, you don’t even need to carry stock. We’ll take care of the hassle of fulfillment and shipping. Let Green Sleeve ship your orders worldwide!

Start Selling The Green Sleeve