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Bournemouth open ‏@Bmouthopengolf May 17 @Girlygolfer2013@GreenSleeveGolf love mine, great on the green when they’ve just sanded.

 Sarah Bennett PGA ‏@SBennettGolf 4 Jan
@GreenSleeveGolf @wenders37 I am the proud owner of two new @GreenSleeveGolf cleaners to dry and clean my clubs & golf balls! 🙂

Sarah Bennett PGA ‏@SBennettGolf 4 Jan
These little beauties @GreenSleeveGolf brought a ray of sunshine to #Essex Thank you

Shaun Hall ‏@ShaunGolf86 22h
Follow @GreenSleeveGolf all golfers, a great concept and perfect present

Russ Anderson ‏@RussAnderson70 22h
@GreenSleeveGolf used my new Greensleeve this morning for 1st time simple but excellent product/idea #LoveGolf

Danielle Tucker ‏@TheGolfClub 19 Dec
Thank you! What a cool holiday gift idea MT @GreenSleeveGolf Ultimate & Most POWERFUL POCKET ball/club cleaner.

Danielle Tucker ‏@TheGolfClub 19 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf When you’re ready to sell, I want one or two 🙂

Sean Ervine ‏@slug_7 21h
These are on the wish list for sure. @GreenSleeveGolf can’t wait for the website to be up and running. @Stevo208 all over them!

Sarah Bennett PGA ‏@SBennettGolf 21h
RT @ShaunGolf86 Absolutely agree, a really useful addition Follow @GreenSleeveGolf all golfers, a great concept and perfect present

That Prep ‏@theclubprobz 11 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf I love your product, it’s so revolutionary!! Great work guys.

Keith McIntosh ‏@RosemereGolfer 20h
@GreenSleeveGolf Where can I get some of your Green Sleeves for prizes for our charity golf days? Thanks Keith

Dougster™ © ‏@Douglas_Clark 23h
@GreenSleeveGolf Oh I’ll be having some of those!!

The Carrick GC retweeted you 23h:
@thecarrickgolf Thank you for following us Garrick GC. Green Sleeve Golfs AMAZING & POWERFUL POCKET BALL/CLUB CLEANER

Bakers Golf & Pub MN ‏@BakersGolfnPub 23h
@GreenSleeveGolf Thanks GreenSleeve! Brilliant idea yourself, all the best in 2014! –Bakers

Rich C retweeted a Tweet you were mentioned in 4 Jan:hey guys, please take a look @GreenSleeveGolf great new item for all golfers ⛳️

Battleback Golf Day ‏@BBGolfDay2014 4 Jan
hey guys, please take a look @GreenSleeveGolf great new item for all golfers ⛳️

Wendy ‏@wenders37 4 Jan
@SBennettGolf @GreenSleeveGolf look good and have a purpose!

ingridstam ‏@StamIngrid 26 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf Had a great family dinner , thank you Hope yours was great also. I will watch out for the website and order then. Bye bye

ingridstam ‏@StamIngrid 24 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf Oh yes nothing better then that. I love the sleeves by the way. Do you sent to Holland ? Happy holidays for you all.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe ‏@lorisgolfshoppe 22 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf These are cute! Happy Holidays!

Kenny Knox ‏@kennyknoxgolf 21 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf merry Christmas to you too! Great product, see you there! And don’t forget to check out our store!

Review My Golf Pro ‏@ReviewMyGolfPro 21 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to future styles.

Tour Golf Revolution ‏@YGSGolf 19 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf Your Welcome. Nice job on your product line…

Perfect fit golf ‏@Perfectfitgolf 19 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf looks like a great idea, can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Thank-you

RoutineGolfGear ‏@RoutineGolfGear 19 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf Thanks guys they look pretty sweet. Merry Christmas to you guys as well.

Kathy G-Jensen⛳️ ‏@KGJgolf 19 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf thank also for reading my book. U have a good products 2, very cute. Hope you played well. Merry Christmas

3 Up Golf ‏@3upgolf 19 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf – A very Merry Christmas to our friends at Green Sleeve as well! Such a unique product! *cheers*

Zulu Sports ‏@ZuluSports 17 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf Thanks for the follow, where can we get hold of one up in the North East?

paul howard ‏@Howard52Paul 16 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf loving my club & ball cleaner thanks guys

Corporate Golf Mag ‏@corp_GOLF_mag 14 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf must be a hit at events! How can we get some in South Africa?

Pars4Prostate ‏@pars4prostate 14 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf Thank you. Can we talk about having your product branded with our logo ?

Harry Callow ‏@Harrycgolf 13 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf Thank you. I like your cool ball cleaners.

Manchester Golf Show ‏@ManGolfShow 13 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf @LondonGolfShow they look brilliant! Let’s have a chat? 01732 836100 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 01732 836100 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Simon

River Bend Golf Link ‏@RiverBendGolf1 13 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf thanks…greens are in fantastic shape…so are your items. Feel free to post to our fb page as well.

Battleback Golf Day ‏@BBGolfDay2014 12 Dec
Check out @GreenSleeveGolf very cool accessory ⛳️

Brian Stefan ‏@GolfMonger 12 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf thanks!!! Those a great looking pieces

Open Golf ‏@OpenGolfApp 12 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf product looks great. Do you do bespoke designs?

Tribute Community
12 Dec @GreenSleeveGolf what a great gift idea! Do you guys deliver

grizz ‏@miss9iron 12 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf looking forward to these arriving soon

Manchester Golf Show ‏@ManGolfShow 11 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf this would look great at our @ManGolfShow and @LondonGolfShow in 2014!

Davis ‏@Elevengq 11 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf how do I get a sample so I can get golf shops in North Carolina to carry these?

Davis ‏@Elevengq 11 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf how do I get a sample so I can get golf shops in North Carolina to carry these?

Brian Ward ‏@bwardtop100golf 10 Dec
@GreenSleeveGolf First time I’ve seen them. Where do I pick one up?