Ridiculously Bad (Golf) Lies

Ridiculously Bad (Golf) Lies

We’ve all done it (or if you’re not going to ‘fess up, have seen it happen). You make a stellar shot off the tee just to find your ball stuck in a big patch of mud… or worse. Because even the best of us can end up in some nasty predicaments, we’ve rounded up some of the most ridiculously bad lies out there.

Stick in the mud? More like stuck in the mudGolf Ball Stuck in the Mud | Green Sleeve Golf Ball and Wedge CleanerThis photo is a testament to the fact that bad lies do indeed happen to even the best of the best. Who remembers this one from Steve Stricker during the 2010 Ryder Cup? Yikes.

Time for a new pair of shorts
He's gonna need a new pair of shorts. And a Green Sleeve Golf Ball and Wedge Cleaner.Attempting to hit your ball out of a lake is a surefire way to get your ball, and your crisp white golf shorts, extra muddy. Note to self: stay away from large bodies of water.

See ya later, alligator!See ya later, alligator! | Green Sleeve Golf Ball and Wedge CleanerThe innovative microfiber center of your Green Sleeve wicks away moisture left on your ball… but first, you’re going to have to find a way to get it back.


Victim of a bad lie? Check out PGA Pro Kevin Weeks’ tips for hitting your ball out of it, then grab your Green Sleeve and free your ball of dirt and debris before knocking in that round-saving putt.

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