Winter Golf Tips: Preparing for Next Season

Winter Golf Tips: Preparing for Next Season

Does winter weather have you shut indoors? Is snow on the ground keeping you off the course? No matter the reason for it, your off-season doesn’t mean your golf game should be placed on the back burner. It’s prime time to prepare for next season and keep your game in tip-top shape!

Here’s how you can stay sharp this winter:

  1. Clean your equipment.
    While you’ve got some time off the course, give your balls and clubs a thorough cleaning with your Green Sleeve to remove any dirt and debris they might have accumulated this year. Clean balls and clubs will help you improve accuracy and achieve a lower score, and you’ll thank yourself in a few months when you pull your pristine balls and clubs out for the first round of the season.
  2. Regrip your clubs.
    A new set of grips can totally change your game (and you can regrip your entire set in less than an hour!). Chat with an expert at your local retailer to find the grips that are right for you and follow a video like this one from Into the Grain to learn how to regrip your clubs yourself. Fresh grips will give you a better grasp on your club, allowing you to have a more relaxed and more effective swing.
  1. Practice your putting.
    Now that your golf balls are spotless and your putter has been regripped, you’re ready for some putting practice. An indoor putting green is an excellent way to sharpen your skills year-round. There are dozens of options out there, too—you’re sure to find one that suits your space, your needs, and your budget.
  2. Find an indoor practice facility.
    Blustery weather or a snow-covered course shouldn’t mean you can’t get some practice swings in. Ask around to find an indoor range in your area; your golf buddies or local club pro should be able to point you in the right direction. And while you’re at it, check out these great tips for practicing your swing during the winter from Golfsmith.

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