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and iron cleaner

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The simple, effective pocket golf ball caddy that’s taken the golf world by surprise

Noticed that all the better golfers make sure their ball is spotless when they came to putt? With a clean ball you’ll get a straighter shot, help you hole more putts and get a better score. You can also use your Green Sleeve to quickly clean your irons and get the sand out of the grooves.

Unique Black Microfibre Cleaning Centre

How it Works

The Green Sleeve has a unique microfiber cleaning centre to remove loose dirt, dry and polish golf balls & wedges but unlike a golf towel the Green Sleeve is always with you in your pocket. Specially designed with a collar at each end it allows golfers to hold the sleeve comfortably and insert a ball or wedge to clean.

Microfiber is an extremely fine fibre that is able to absorb more particles of dirt than any other fabric known and this makes the Green Sleeve a GAME CHANGER.

  • Removes dirt from golf balls and wedges, just like a golf towel
  • Lightweight and always in your pocket, unlike a golf towel!
  • Available in a range of colorful designs
  • GAME CHANGER – especially on and around the green

A little more about us…

Green Sleeve pocket golf towels were launched in November 2013 and exhibited at the PGA show in Orlando.  They are now on sale in the USA, Canada and the UK, and also available to buy in our online shopShipped from Florida USA & Hampshire UK.

USA Sleeve cleaning a ball
Golf Towels designed in the UK

British Designed Pocket Golf Towels

It’s stylish, very handy and on the inside the deep-cleaning microfibers have been rigorously tested over a 2 year period to ensure maximum cleaning power and quickly get to work on scuffed, dirty and muddy balls. Iron heads can also be quickly cleaned and polished thanks to the revolutionary Green Sleeve.